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LINE UP 2019


Mick McHugh

Barefoot Gypsies

Lucy Gallant

Bollywood Sisters

Kizuna Japanese drums

Spirit Bellydance


Veil of dreams

El Bari flamenco

Mana aloha hula

Gabriel otu happy africa

Also featuring

Natty Dolaiasi

Solomon Islands Singer/Musician

Natty Dolaias is an internationally renowned traditional musician, singer and log drummer who has become an icon of Solomon Islands Culture.


Natty has shared the unique and deeply spiritual culture of the Solomons internationally for over 20 years.


The singing workshops presented by Natty Dolaias will bring a very powerful and enlightening musical and spiritual experience for all participants.


Natty will share many rare sacred songs and traditional drumming from the myriad traditional island cultures from the Solomons main islands and remote outer islands.


Speaking over 6 languages Natty has been invited to record, perform, teach and present Solomon Islands culture internationally through rare recordings, documentary production such as Malaita, Savo, and Guadalcanal, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, and Belona. 


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